Firewood Services

Firewood-2     Hopefully we can answer some firewood questions you may have about buy firewood for the cold winter months.  We service all of Northern Michigan so we are in compliance with the AEB Quarantine as long as you are having the wood delivered in Northern Michigan.

We offer two different Firewood options you may order either Fall Cord or Logger Cord.  If you’d like to pick up your firewood yourself please contact us and stop on by, we also accommodate delivery.  Contact us HERE and let us know what your firewood heating needs are.

Face Cord

Who doesn’t want to keep warm this winter?  Many fire places sit unused throughout even the winter months.  This year let us keep you warm with our dried ready to burn firewood.  The standard measurement for firewood is called a ‘cord’ (a stack of cut and split logs 4′ x 16″ x 8′), give us a call today and reserve your supply before or even after the snow begins to fall.

Logger Cord

If you know what you’re doing with a chainsaw but don’t have the time to cut down your own trees, we’ll deliver loggers cord or even cut down your own trees for you.  Call us and discover the best fit for your heating needs.